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Style. Sustainability. Satisfaction.

GoKinda handpicks stylish and conscious hotels, for people who want to travel kinder.

We’re into all kinds of good: good times, good coffee, good karma and feel-good travel. That’s why we want to connect good, planet-loving people with hotels that boast style and eco cred. We’ve searched high and low to find the best in conscious stays – so you don’t have to. Every hotel featured on our website is chosen for its commitment to operate more responsibly. Our hotels are conscious of their social and environmental impacts, and strive to do better.

When you book your hotel with GoKinda, we want you to rest easy with the satisfaction of knowing you’re travelling kinder.

Our rainforest protection project

We spend a lot of time exploring this planet, so we’re all about giving back to it. 

When you book a stay with GoKinda, you’re contributing to One Tribe Global’s rainforest protection project and preserving 5 trees with one click.

Planting one tree will absorb 53.1 kilos of carbon by 2030 – but, protecting 5 trees will absorb a significant 975 kilos of carbon by the same year. We think this matters.

Our impact so far…

Conscious stays

Peruse our featured selection of conscious and stylish hotel stays.

Phuket, Thailand

Auckland, New Zealand



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What does it mean to travel kinder?

Being a kinder traveller really comes down to taking responsibility for our actions in the places we visit as much as in our own homes, and thinking of the generations ahead who will inherit the world we are creating now.

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