Potato Head Studios at Desa Potato Head

Bali, Indonesia

With a name that’s become synonymous with creativity, forward-thinking design and best environmental practices, Potato Head Studios is a boundary-pushing hotel meets cultural hub. 

Nestled in verdant Seminyak, Potato Head Studios presents so much more than a place to sleep. Here, community, culture and conscious living come together seamlessly. 

The ocean-front, zero-waste hotel’s impressive commitment to bettering the environment means plastic is out of the picture, furnishings are made from recycled materials, and a circular economy is the end goal. At the carbon-neutral Desa Potato Head district, the motto is ‘good times, do good.’ 

This brilliantly designed precinct offers sustainability workshops, wellness and art-oriented experiences, a tempting selection of eateries – from the traditional to the contemporary – a  creative lab where eco-centred ideas are incubated, and some of the most striking accommodation on the island.

Potato Head Bali sustainable dining

The destination is also committed to its newly formed, community-centred Sweet Potato Project – a regenerative farming scheme that saw 1,800 kilograms of food harvested and more than 12,500 meals donated to its neighbours in its first year alone. 

It seems only natural that Potato Head Studios rooms come equipped with zero-waste kits for guests, which include a water bottle, tote bag, cutlery and straws, organic cotton pouch, refillable ointment pots and a lunch box. All of the hotel’s amenities are refillable, baskets and bins are created in the on-site lab from recycled materials, and even guests’ slippers are completely biodegradable (they’re made from coconut husks, woven palm leaves, fabric offcuts and pond reeds).

And yet, the Potato Head Studios experience is not solely about its sustainability measures – it also offers all the indulgence and stylish touches that you’d expect from a luxury hotel set on Seminyak’s iconic beachfront.

Potato Head Studios Bali hotel room interior
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