Cretan Malia Park

Nestled on the stunning island of Crete, Cretan Malia Park seamlessly combines responsible luxury with a family-friendly atmosphere. Founded by two Cretan sisters with a deep love for their homeland, this hotel offers a unique experience rooted in the island’s history and natural beauty.

Renovated in 2018 by architect Vana Pernari, Cretan Malia Park showcases a harmonious blend of design eras while maintaining a strong Cretan identity. The resort incorporates traditional materials, textures, and colours of Crete, creating an ambiance that reflects the region’s cultural heritage.

Ideal for discerning families, Cretan Malia Park provides an array of activities and amenities to ensure an unforgettable holiday for kids of all ages while parents enjoy some well-deserved relaxation. From an environmental awareness space to a performance area for dance and theatre, the hotel caters to the diverse interests of young guests. Outside, a playground and a small organic garden invite children to participate in the hotel’s green program, fostering their connection with nature.

Cretan Malia Park Crete Greece

When it comes to dining, Cretan Malia Park takes pride in its commitment to healthy, sustainable eating and the celebration of local, homemade Mediterranean cuisine. Under the guidance of acclaimed chef Athinagoras Kostakos, the hotel’s three restaurants utilise ingredients handpicked from their own garden and local farms, offering a sustainable selection of Cretan, Italian, and Mediterranean specialties.

For those seeking rejuvenation and wellness, The Cute Spa at Cretan Malia Park provides a secluded sanctuary surrounded by lush banana trees and cacti. This tranquil oasis offers a range of experiences dedicated to spiritual and physical well-being, encouraging moments of reflection and connection.

Cretan Malia Park is committed to sustainable tourism. With Green Key certification, the hotel strives to protect and preserve the region’s future. Botanical gardens inspire the hotel’s architecture and design, and solar heating and waste recycling contribute to responsible living. The hotel actively participates in beach cleaning drives and supports local beekeepers in increasing bee populations.

At Cretan Malia Park, guests can bask in the beauty of Crete while knowing that their stay contributes to the preservation of this unique corner of the world. With its fusion of luxury, sustainability, and family-friendly amenities, this Mediterranean retreat offers an enchanting experience that is sure to leave lasting memories for all who visit.



Cretan Malia Park

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Conscious efforts.

Every hotel featured on our website is chosen for its commitment to operate more responsibly. Our hotels are conscious of their social and environmental impacts, and strive to do better. 

We believe progress is better than perfection, and we trust the information provided to us is accurate. As our community grows, our travellers will help keep our hotels honest with their feedback. 

The property compensates carbon emissions by purchasing certified carbon offsets.

The property compensates carbon emissions by purchasing certified carbon offsets.

The property has achieved and holds a current and third-party recognised eco-certification (with standards recognised by the GSTC)

LED lighting makes up for at least 80% of the property’s guest and public room lighting. Guest rooms have energy saving switches (e.g. keycard-controlled electricity).

The property offers electric car charging stations.

The property monitors and reviews its employees’ wages and implements them against fair and living wage norms.

The property has achieved and holds a current and third-party recognised green building certification from either LEED or BREEAM.

Guests are offered tours and activities organised by local guides and businesses.

The property invests revenue into the community or in local sustainability projects.

The property promotes awareness of local culture and heritage, as well as visitor etiquette.

At least 80% of food is sourced from property’s local region (e.g. within 50km from property location).

Single-use plastic amenities are replaced by a bulk dispenser. Single-use plastic water bottles, soda bottles, straws, cups, tableware and stirrers are not offered.

The property has a recycling plan in place (e.g. in guest rooms, common areas, kitchen) for at least four waste types (glass, paper, plastic, organic).

The property’s electricity is 100% renewable.

Property only uses water-efficient toilets and showers. A towel re-use program is available to guests. Guests can opt out of room cleaning.

These conscious efforts balance the most impactful practices hotels can adopt to reduce their negative impact with the most meaningful efforts to travellers.

Our list, developed in partnership with sustainability experts and utilising the Travalyst accommodation framework, is not exhaustive but serves as a digestible summary for conscious travellers.

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