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Sydney, Australia

Ah, the shopping season – it’s in full swing! As Black Friday and Christmas approach, the buzz is real. Our feeds are flooded with ads that cheekily follow us from screen to screen, and brands are competing for our attention at every digital turn. Before we know it, our carts are overflowing with deals too good to pass up. Those ‘must-haves’ are oh-so-tempting but often wind up somewhere in the depths of our closets or destined for a life barely used.

This time of year brings a bit of a dilemma for us. On one hand, we’re all about giving thoughtful, much-loved gifts, and taking advantage of discounts for things we really need is just plain smart. But, on the flip side, the excess and waste from this global shopping spree sits a little uncomfortably.

To try to find some balance, we’re bringing a bit of mindfulness into the madness. We’re advocating for a pause before we click ‘buy’ – a moment to think consciously about what we genuinely need, what we truly want, and what will be loved (and last!) for years to come. To help in this thoughtful process, we’ve compiled a list of our go-to conscious Australian brands and products. Each beautifully considered, so you can feel good about the purchases you make, whether they’re for others or a sneaky little something for yourself. It’s a small step we can all take to tread that little bit kinder on the planet.


Because who doesn’t love a chunky summer sandal?! Twoobs should be your first stop for a stylish upgrade or a new shade for your summer wardrobe. Not only do they make super comfy shoes, available in everything thing from sparkles to basics, but they also provide a “takesies backsies recycling program. So when your shoes have taken their last steps, they can be repurposed into sustainable flooring!

July luggage

For the jetsetter in your life (yes, that could be you!), July is an Australian company bringing well-designed luggage to stylish travellers. While their luggage itself is not yet sustainably made, it is made to last – making it a conscious choice, reducing the need to replace luggage so frequently.

Soleil Soleil

If we had to pick just one brand to have in our life, it would be Soleil Soleil. “Designed for the sun chasers and slow, golden days by the water,” their small but near-perfect collection of ethically made pieces is not only stunning but also has a way of making every day feel like a holiday. What’s not to love about that?!

“The Mindful Traveller”
by Nina Karnikowski

Whether you already consider yourself a mindful traveller or are just starting to explore the idea, this book is a must-read. Written with humility, free of judgment, and filled with captivating travel stories, it serves as a gentle reminder (in case you ever forgot!) of the magic of the world we live in and why our efforts to protect it matter. Buy here

Bondi Born

Put an end to the endless search for the perfect swimwear with Bondi Born. Their classic, long-lasting, sustainably made swimwear is guaranteed to see you through many summers. Certified by BCorp and Carbon Neutral, Bondi Born stands out as a leader in the crowded sustainable swimwear space.

Outland Denim

Outland Denim do that much good that trying to sum it up in a sentence or two does not do them justice. At their core, they do denim that makes a difference, prioritising both human empowerment throughout their supply chain and environmental sustainability. Impressive, right? And, their pieces are seriously on point. For you, or for anyone else in your life.

Made by Fressko

Simple, stylish and sustainable reusables, whatever your go-to drink. Made by Fressko bottles make the perfect gift for your thoughtful friends and family, or a cheeky little treat for yourself. We’re loving their insulated infuser flasks, which can double (or triple!) as a water bottle, tea infuser, or even a coffee cup! Just in time for summer.


If you believe life is best lived in full colour, then Kip&Co is for you. Independent and sustainably-minded, their products brighten every corner of the home, with apparel for the whole family to match. Regular and conscious collaborations with artists and designers keep their collection feeling fresh. We’re especially vibing the Kip&Co x The Vista collection – terry towels and hats, yes please!

Choose experiences over things

At GoKinda, we’re all about experiences over things—especially travel (obvs!). Giving experiences ensures your gift doesn’t end up wasted or forgotten; instead, it creates lasting memories.

Whether it’s a spa day, massage, a carefully selected dining experience (Jane in Sydney’s Surry Hills is our current fave), travel, or gin tasting, an experience is the perfect choice for a personal and thoughtful gift. Bonus points for supporting a conscious Australian brand or business! Visit Jane

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