What I’ve learned about sustainable hotels: Why it’s no wonder people are confused.

GoKinda founder, Alison Greer, takes us into the world of sustainable hotels, highlighting the complexities and spilling the tea on why, despite our best intentions, we’re all a bit, well, baffled!   In the ever-evolving world of sustainable travel, the desire to do better is undeniably present. About 76% of travellers (give or take) say […]

Australia’s best city hotels for conscious travellers

Best hotels in Melbourne for conscious travellers

Travel should be fun—a time to let go of the seriousness of everyday life, unwind, and immerse ourselves in new adventures. But as the world evolves, so does our responsibility to embrace a more conscious way of living, even during our travels. But don’t worry; that doesn’t have to be bad news. Conscious travel can […]